What are the Signs that My Partner is Cheating

It’s very common for some people to feel the need to know if their partner is cheating on them. Given the high rate of infidelity among relationships, we shouldn’t feel bad about it.

The reasons for cheating or infidelity can be many and depend on each person’s situation. However, the signs are almost always the same, and while we can confuse them, it’s evident when these signs repeat in a loop.

Observing the Signs with a Cool Head

It’s important not to jump to conclusions; the presence of signs doesn’t mean anything by itself. Instead, it should be a cue to perhaps start an honest dialogue and express our emotions or those of our partner.

But let’s talk directly about the topic that interests us: the signs of possible infidelity or cheating.

Change in Habits

Perhaps the most common and obvious sign is a change in habits. This means things they didn’t do before that suddenly appear out of nowhere. Maybe new hobbies, interest in new and unknown things, new tastes in clothes that are completely atypical, different music, new hobbies.

We’ll notice a significant change in their new way of behaving, which of course is different from their usual behavior. Coming home later or having different work schedules.

Excessive Privacy and Isolation to Talk

Changes in how they protect their phone, like changing the password and not sharing it, avoiding having their phone touched, moving away to answer calls, are signs that they are reserving their privacy and don’t want to share details.

Think about it, why would someone move away to answer a call that supposedly has no importance? The truth is, seeking privacy is a sign of wanting to hide something.

More Careful Personal Grooming than Before

As if by magic, there’s a sudden concern to improve their appearance, such as going to the dentist more often, joining a gym, improving their body’s appearance, changing their hairstyle, and changing their image.

This sign is evident that they want to improve their appearance, change their physical state, and even try to look younger.

Lack of Interest in Sharing Intimate Moments

Desire and passion take a back seat, there’s even a deep disinterest, and the connection as a couple is lost. It’s as if the complicity is gone, and to reach intimacy, it feels like you have to beg.

New Friendships and Playing the Victim

They also have new friends, but you don’t know these friends, and of course, they say they’re having fun with them. If you dare to question them, they play the victim and might even accuse you of being a toxic partner, yet you feel they’re hiding something.

Talking Honestly and Seeking Couple’s Therapy

Now, the most important thing in a relationship is communication, and this should be the best way to solve differences. However, when there are signs of distrust, perhaps the best thing to do is to go to couple’s therapy, where a professional can help resolve doubts, conflicts, and situations that are not easy to address.