Mhoni Vidente: Check your horoscope for today

Mhoni Vidente is a celebrated clairvoyant known for her accurate astrology predictions. Her forecasts are primarily published in journalistic outlets such as El Heraldo.

As a television presenter, she has appeared on various shows in both the United States and Mexico, including Enamorándonos, Hoy de las Estrellas, and also on unotv.

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Information about Mhoni Vidente – Wikipedia

She hails from the island of Cuba, born to a Cuban mother and a Mexican father. However, she currently resides in Mexico City.

Updated Biography
Name:formerly Rafael Martínez de León
Nicknames:Money, Monhy, Mono, and Moni
Zodiac Sign:Aries (Ram)
Date of Birth and Birthday:March 21, 1977
Current Residence:Mexico City
Height:1.69 m
Weight:59 kg
Occupation:Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, and TV Presenter
Wikipedia:Get free information about Mhoni today
Mhoni en el heraldo
Mhoni vidente hoy actualizado de hoy

Her First Real Predictions

On May 13, 1989, when she was 13 years old, her grandmother sent her outside to gather the clothes hanging on the line. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the tree where the clothes were hung, causing her to fall to the ground.

While she was unconscious, she received important revelations and saw the Virgin of Fatima for the first time, who told her: FEAR IS THE LACK OF FAITH.

Following this event, she realized that the Virgin of Fatima had given her a special gift to predict future events. Therefore, she decided to help people who came to her with questions.

– One day her grandmother asked her, “When am I going to die?”
– Mhoni replied, “This coming Friday at 3 in the afternoon.”
– As predicted, that following Friday, her grandmother passed away.

Subsequently, throughout her career, she has made astonishing clairvoyant predictions. Thus, journalistic outlets such as La Verdad or Publimetro have dedicated sections to the daily horoscope with Mhoni Vidente.

Who is Mhoni Vidente and is she a man or a woman?

The Cuban astrologer was born on March 21 as a male and was named Rafael Martínez, something she never accepted, leading her to transition into a woman over time.

She lived and was raised by her grandmother because her mother died of cancer when she was just 2 years old. As a child, she had a lot of luck and was nicknamed “Money,” which means money.

This inspired her to think of a new woman’s name while remembering that she was once a man, so she used M for woman (Mujer in Spanish) and H for man (Hombre in Spanish) + ONI, which means ONE. Considering her nickname Money, the name MHONI was created… A MAN AND WOMAN.

On the program “A corazón abierto,” she shared that she cried at school because they called her Rafael. At 13, she saved up $300 and had surgery to get breasts. Then, between the ages of 15 and 16, she underwent surgery to become a woman completely.

At 18, she married a 31-year-old Spanish businessman and decided to live in Vigo, Spain, where she stayed for only two years. After some time, she realized she didn’t like Europe because the people were very cold, which depressed her. Therefore, she returned and began predicting horoscopes.

mhoni vidente horóscopos se caso con un accionista de movistar España
Mhoni vidente y su pareja

Unpublished Photos of Mhoni Vidente When She Was Young

These photographs are from her personal album, from when she was younger and lived in Cuba.

“In Cuba, I grew up with eight male cousins, and we were all raised by my grandmother. There was economic need in the house since everything was limited in Cuba. One day, my grandmother looked me directly in the eyes and said, ‘You are beautiful, and you must bring money to the house.'”

Thus, for a period, I began working as a jinetera to earn money and support my grandmother. I continued working on the Malecón, accompanying tourists and having a good time, always with the idea of making money to continue my surgeries.

In my adolescence, I realized I was a woman in a man’s body and decided to change my appearance. Tourists gave me money, so I gradually changed my entire body, and of course, I had my member removed.

When I was 18, I met a man who was 13 years older than me. At that moment, I felt protected and fell in love. After living together for a while, we mutually agreed to end the relationship.

horóscopo de hoy mhoni vidente
Las predicciones de la vidente y el horóscopo siempre actualizado

Thus Began the Horoscope with Mhoni Vidente Today

Mhoni Vidente’s initial appearances in Mexico were on the morning show “Hoy” on the Canal de las Estrellas. There, she shared predictions, love rituals, lucky numbers, readings, and insights about the zodiac signs.

Currently, she makes her predictions across various media outlets and is very active on social media, where her content trends regularly.

If you are interested in love spells and want to contact Mhoni Vidente, you can write to her email:

Ascendant and Ruling Planet of the Signs by Elements

There are four fundamental elements in nature: AIR, FIRE, EARTH, and WATER. Compatibility with your partner is crucial, as some signs are naturally compatible.

The only way to know this is through the birth chart, which is obtained with the date of birth. You can also find out your ruling planet and how your sign operates in all areas.

The zodiac signs tend to determine personality traits. However, you should also consider your ascendant sign, which is based on the time of birth. The ascendant sign can determine other factors such as fears, hobbies, and talents.

Mhoni Vidente’s Latest Predictions

It is well known that she uses tarot cards to make free predictions and personalized readings. Because her predictions are accurate, she considers them fulfilled predictions.

For example, Mhoni’s prediction about Diego Armando Maradona was: “He will reach 60 years old, but he must take good care of himself as he might suffer a heart attack or respiratory failure.”

Similarly, she predicted the earthquake in Mexico City, accompanied by a strange phenomenon of lights in the sky. She also announced in advance the recent volcanic eruptions in La Palma, Spain.

Her most recent anticipated prediction was when she foretold the death of Vicente Fernández, a prediction that left the world astonished.

¿Mhoni vidente es hombre o mujer?
Ella es la pitonisa Mhoni hoy

Mhoni News

The horoscope presenter, Mhoni Vidente, appeared with Silvia Olmedo on her show on Unicable. She announced that she will launch her own clothing line with exclusive designs, featuring prints related to the 12 zodiac signs.

Additionally, on another occasion during the show “Sale el Sol,” the set separated and then fell to the floor. Since then, the video footage of the apparent disturbance has gone viral.

This is something that tends to happen when she makes predictions, as there is a strong astral connection with the universe.

Finally, thank you for visiting Mhoni Vidente’s news page, where I write the daily horoscope for you.