Pachita Chamana: The Mexican Healer Operating with a Knife

Bárbara Guerrero, better known as Pachita the healer, was a Mexican shaman attributed with healing powers who performed surgical operations without anesthesia. Her astounding cures earned her respect from people, politicians, and artists who sought her intervention. Pachita’s life is fascinating, marked by the mystery of her birth date, her abandonment by her parents, and … Read more

Effective Natural Tricks to Delay Aging

I want to start by saying that there isn’t a single person who, at some point in their life, doesn’t worry about how to stop aging. Well, I want to tell you that, according to science, it is possible to age more slowly. First, I want to speak from my own experience, that is, I … Read more

Cryptoastrology: Investing by Your Sign

As incredible as it may seem, there is an informal relationship between astrology and cryptocurrency investments. In fact, there is a tendency to predict financial fluctuations through the study of the stars. Before continuing, you must keep in mind that this is not financial advice and is not intended to be a guide of recommendations. … Read more

How to Make a Sagittarius Miss You

So, you’re looking to make an impression on a Sagittarius, huh? Well, you’ve certainly embarked on a challenging task. Getting a Sagittarius to miss you can be quite the feat. Let’s start by acknowledging that Sagittarians are free spirits who love adventure and independence. They are enthusiastic beings who view bad moods and gloominess as … Read more

What are the Signs that My Partner is Cheating

It’s very common for some people to feel the need to know if their partner is cheating on them. Given the high rate of infidelity among relationships, we shouldn’t feel bad about it. The reasons for cheating or infidelity can be many and depend on each person’s situation. However, the signs are almost always the … Read more

Oración al Justo Juez para casos difíciles

Al rezar la original oración al Justo Juez, estamos invocando a Jesucristo, el único Justo Juez verdadero. Si la hacemos con toda nuestra devoción, Jesús escuchará nuestras oraciones, puesto que Cristo siempre nos escucha y para protegernos. La auténtica oración al Justo Juez para cosas imposibles Divino y Justo Juez de vivos y muertos, eterno … Read more